Crontab file (root user)

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Sep 17 12:38:14 PDT 2004

"Steve Bertrand" <iaccounts at> writes:

> I'm wondering where the crontab is located for the root user. I know
> there is the system crontab in /etc, however doing a #crontab -e when
> su'd to root, it comes up with a different crontab.
Right.  Just as you said: the former is the system crontab, the latter
is the root user's crontab.  The former has an extra field that
indicates which user to run a command as, the latter is exactly the
same as any other user's crontab (and is stored in /var/cron/tabs just
all the other user crontabs).

I'm not quite sure what your confusion is: did my previous paragraph
eliminate it?

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