Highpoint RAID HPT374

Joshua Lewis jmlewis at dslextreme.com
Fri Sep 17 12:14:21 PDT 2004

Thanks for the reply Chuck however I think you misunderstood me. Or
perhaps I didn't make myself clear.

I have two 80GB WD Special Edition drives. I am Mirroring them together.
When I mention having things on seperate drives I was refering to my SQL
databases and web pages and such each on thier own drives (money
permitting also raided to other drives.)

But no right now I am looking at installing everything on one drive. I
have actually already done it wil no problems so far. The system is using
the ro0 driver and I think I am good to go. I wasn't sure if there were
optimizations I should be aware of or utilities or anything. This is my
first drive set ever. So I am looking for any tips.

The block sizes question seems to only apply to a striped drives. It was a
seperate question and even a seperate thought all together.

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

Chuck Swiger
> Joshua Lewis wrote:
>> I am looking to make a RAID MIRROR using my built in HPT374 raid
>> controller on my ABIT AT7-MAX motherboard. I will be installing the OS,
>> I realize I should use separate drives. I will when I have the money.
>> So my questions are:
>> one is there anything special I should keep in mind (like drivers that
>> support this chip and so on) and two when I was creating the array in
>> the
>> BIOS utility it asked what block size I would like to use.
> Using RAID-1 mirroring of two partitions on a single drive doesn't make a
> lot
> of sense: it will greatly slow down performance without gaining any real
> improvement to reliability.
> What blocksize you should use depends somewhat upon the files you use, and
> is
> best determined by benchmarking your expected load using the data you
> have;
> that said, normally a small blocksize will work fine if you have lots of
> small
> files.
> --
> -Chuck

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