mini-itx posting.

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Fri Sep 17 06:19:14 PDT 2004

Bill Moran wrote:

>>On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 23:30:58 -0700 (PDT)
>>borg <bsd_mailing at> wrote:
>>>I want to post some info on a mini-itx mobo I bought,
>>>so other users can benefit from that. can I post that
>>>to freebsd-questions@ ? If not what's the right list ?
>I don't think anyone would object to such a posting, however, if the
>information is extensive, it would be a good idea to post it on a web
>site somewhere, and simply post a link to the mailing list.

And, IIRC, someone around here (not official Project though) has
a pretty good site set up for evaluating the fitness and performance
or motherboards for use with FreeBSD.  Maybe search the archives,
or Google ... it would definitely be good to get stuff like this into some
www databases ...

My $.02,

Kevin Kinsey

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