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Fri Sep 17 02:05:34 PDT 2004

I have a application that runs under linux emulation, its a server manager 
for battlefield vietnam, basically it monitors the game server process and 
sends commands etc. The game server runs without a problem, the server 
monitor runs ok however when i start the game server from the remote manager 
the server manager looses connection to the game server. It appears to think 
that the game server has crashed, even thou it hasnt. The remote manager 
then has no more control over the game server. whilst the game server 
happily carries on loading

Ive done some research into this and im pretty sure its happeneing becuase 
the server montior is looking for a file called /proc/<pid>/exe this file 
sits happily under /compat/linux/proc/<pid>/exe the server manager cant find 
the file so it thinks the game server has died. The folder /proc/<pid> does 
exsit and ive read that the "exe" file in /compat/linux/<pid> is the same as 
/proc/<pid>/file but I cant confirm this.

Can anybody help ?


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