Running 3.x binaries

eng at eng at
Thu Sep 16 09:58:57 PDT 2004

I've just been given a whole bunch of binaries that had been
compiled under FreeBSD 3.4 and asked to make them run under
our modern 4.10 systems.

I'm considering a couple of options + was hoping for some
commentary on them:

1) setup a chroot environment with the old 3.x system
(using the destdir directive on a 3.x buildworld)
2) Copy over the old libraries and install them in the usual

Are there any kernel options I need to ensure that the old
libc will work?

Where can I find these old sources? (I haven't looked yet,
just thought I'd ask if someone knew offhand.)


p.s.  please reply to me directly as I do _not_ subscribe to
the list.

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