ATI AGP card and Xorg

John DeStefano john.destefano at
Thu Sep 16 08:10:48 PDT 2004

Trying to take my mind off my server exploit issue...

I'm trying to configure an ATI Radeon 9000 64mb AGP video card with
Xorg on a FreeBSD5.3beta2 workstation. No matter which config option I
choose ('Xorg -configure', 'xorgcfg -textmode', xorgconfig), when I
test the generated .conf file, the screen locks up with a bunch of
colors and horizontal lines (green on top, blue everywhere else). The
mouse cursor moves, but none of the Ctrl+Alt key combos work, and I
can't escape the X session or access another virtual console. The
"Device" section generated from 'Xorg -configure' is:
Section "Device"
Identifier "Card0"
Driver "ati"
VendorName "ATI Technologies Inc"
BoardName "Radeon RV250 If [Radeon 9000]"
BusID "PCI:3:0:0"

Here's any related output I can think of from 'pciconf -lv':
agp0 at pci0:0:0: class=0x060000 card=0x00000000 chip=0x01e010de rev=0xa2 
vendor = 'NVIDIA Corporation'
device = 'nForce2 AGP Controller'
class = bridge
subclass = HOST-PCI
none9 at pci3:0:0: class=0x030000 card=0x20021002 chip=0x49661002 rev=0x01 
vendor = 'ATI Technologies Inc.'
device = 'RV250 Radeon 9000/9000 Pro'
class = display
subclass = VGA
none10 at pci3:0:1: class=0x038000 card=0x20031002 chip=0x496e1002 
rev=0x01 hdr=0x00
vendor = 'ATI Technologies Inc.'
device = 'RV250 Radeon 9000/9000 Pro - Secondary'
class = display

I thought it might be an AGP/kernel issue, but when I try 'kldload
agp' I get back "File exists", and when I do 'kldstat -n agp' or
'kldunload' I get "No such file".

I tried someone else's bare-bones "radeon" conf file, and I got the
same problem as always on test: blue/green garbled screen, mouse
moves, can't escape out of locked-up X. I then replaced the "radeon"
Driver entry with "vesa" in the config. When I tested this, it showed
a different garbled screen (grey this time) for a few seconds, then
clicked to a "normal" X-Windows screen, but with a black hourglass
outline on the sides. I was able to Ctl+Alt+Backspace out of this as
normal, and the console didn't report any warnings or errors.

I then moved this config file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and ran 'startx'.
It started fine and looked as described above, with an hourglass
outline. When I exited X, there were some errors on the console that
were probably just from exiting out of X, and this one:
xauth: (argv):1: bad display name "" in "remove" command

Any ideas on how to get this card working properly?  BTW: I began
using FreeBSD5.3beta2 on this machine for its NDIS support for my
onboard NIC.


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