what are the pros and cons of running in single user?

Ed Budd ebudd at grokking.org
Thu Sep 16 06:12:39 PDT 2004

mailing lists at MacTutor wrote:
> I have a machine running 4.10-STABLE that will be a dedicated gateway 
> with a router/firewall combo and web server plus mysql server (maybe). 
> What would be the pros and cons of running this system single user? 
> Processes that run under their own uid, would they be able to run?
> Just curious. Any extra thoughts welcome.

er...doesn't "single user" mode mean no networking? My understanding is 
that this is really only for maintenance (ie. make installworld, etc.), 
not regular operations. Perhaps you meant something else or I just 
haven't had enough caffeine yet...


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