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Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Thu Sep 16 05:48:28 PDT 2004

Ray Smith wrote:

> Hi all,
> Apologies for the cross posting.

Accepted.  Obligatory disclaimer is that it's really not
an "on topic" post for the "newbies" list; the charter for
that list suggests rather strongly that technical issues
be discussed on questions at ...

While I'm at it ;-), it's good etiquette to wrap your email's
lines at about 72 characters because some guys are actually
reading the lists with text mode displays and the like.

So, hello, welcome to FreeBSD, glad to have you!  Thanks
for a well-worded question, and I've fixed your lines for you
and removed the cross-post to newbies ....consider yourself
chastised? :-)

> I have just received a box with the an Intel SE7210TP1 motherboard,
> and was wondering if anyone has been able to get FreeBSD running
> on it? I could'nt find it in the supported list of hardware, but though
> I would give it a go anyway. I have installed 5.2.1 but have run in to
> problems with the networking. There are two built in network cards
> an Intel PRO/100+ 82551QM, and an Intel PRO/1000 82547EI. Both
> seem to be detected, and I can set up the network parameters, but
> neither seem to work. I am able to ping internally, but nothing leaves
> the box.
> This is my first attempt at installing FreeBSD, so hopefully there's
> something I have missed, or is my hardware not yet supported? Any
> suggestions?

Well, first another disclaimer:  I have no such box, but it seems likely
that it's supported.  If the "supported hardware" page on the website
doesn't give information, the next step would likely be to read the manpage
for the appropriate driver.  Example: in this box I have one RealTek NIC,
which uses the "rl" driver, so I can do "man 4 rl" at the prompt and read
up on the driver --- about the first thing that is covered is which cards
are supported by the driver.  Try that first, if you haven't, for your 

The next thing to check for is pilot error (sorry, but it happens to 
at one time or another, I would wager).  The sentence "I am able to ping
internally but nothing leaves the box" seems a tad unusual, and as a result
I'd sure like to see the output of "ifconfig" and "netstat -rn", for 

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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