Portupgrade failure: / filesystem full.... any suggestions short of full-scale re-install?

dfarmour at myrealbox.com dfarmour at myrealbox.com
Thu Sep 16 00:46:18 PDT 2004


I'm not sure what's next: hedgehogs falling from the skies, perhaps? Mostly, I know 
I'm flailing around in the newbie waters, an otherwise straightforward 5.2.1 install 
(single user, desktop) gone horribly, horribly wrong. The story so far... 

I got through most of the sysinstall program without too many surprises. It's a new 
machine, 40G HD. Loosely following Mr. Lehey's configuration suggestions in 
Complete FreeBSD, / got 4G, swap 2G, and /home the rest.

Among other things, I downloaded and installed the instant-workstation 1.0.3 port, in 
part because a presumably earlier version had worked fine last fall when I installed 
it on my wife's dual boot machine.[1] This time, although XFree86 -configure tested 
okay, i.e. grey screen with X in the middle, then Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to return to the 
CLI, I couldn't seem to configure X. 

I had it working a couple of times, but the mouse cursor was a 64x64 pixel barcode! 
Exiting seemed to cause the x-server the most trouble. The box locked up 
complaining primarily of "unresolved symbols," although both Knoppix 3.4 and 
FreeSBIE's versions of x-windows work(ed) fine, booting from the CD drive. 

I see a note [2] suggesting the more current XFree86 4.4 version might work better 
with the SiS74x video card, which at that point, seemed the most likely candidate 
for FreeBSD incompatibility. More googling around and freebsd-questions digest 
traffic reading suggested cvsup and portupgrade, as a general tidying up strategy en 
route to updating to 4.4. [upmusic: theme from Jaws]

Cvsupping seems to be chugging along for quite a while, but previous install on 
older machine also took the better part of a weekend, so I figure what the hell. A 
strong sense of fear and loathing began to develop, however, when "filesystem full" 
began in large numbers to scroll off the screen, late this past afternoon.

A du -sk * showed relatively expected numbers next to most of the sub-directories, 
but /usr and /var showed 3 038 096 & 71 990 respectively! ???  /var/tmp seems to 
contain lots of 512K .bak files right underneath .tgz behemoths with the same name. 
I've seen messages suggesting deleting /tmp directories, as well as growfs, as a 
way to regain room to at least email log and error messages, but I'm also getting a 
little gunshy.

Any suggestions, even starting over from scratch, would assist me greatly. 
Everything I've read so far suggests FreeBSD installs into _at most_ 5G, so what's 
going on??? If a more realistic cvsup/portupgrade manoevering room works out to 
10G, maybe this message will help someone else. Thanks in advance.

df (dave) armour <at> my real box <dought> calm! # not.

[1] previous install, 5.0-RELEASE, admittedly in 18G, on dual-boot (Windows ME, 
with 10G) box. 

[2] The SiS driver author's site suggests XFree86 4.4.0 works more successfully 
with SiS74x series.

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