irssi in shell $HOME

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Sep 15 23:46:51 PDT 2004

On 2004-09-15 23:15, Gerald Koenig <glk at> wrote:
> Does anyone have irssi running in the home directory of a commercial
> shell account which allows running personal programs? There seem to be
> library problems and dependencies which are complex to the point I
> haven't gotten very far.  Ports and packages are not so good in a
> shell account I think.  I'm just looking for a successful installation
> somewhere to serve as a template.

The makefiles in /usr/ports/Mk include a ton of variables that can be
set to modify the paths where Ports will look for files.  I've installed
ports in my $HOME dir by setting some of these to non-default values.

You'll most certainly want to change at least the following when you
invoke make to build and install irssi:

	PORTSDIR	- Where ports live[1].
	LOCALBASE	- Where the installed files go.
	DISTDIR		- Where downloaded distfiles are saved.
	PKG_DBDIR	- Where installed package info will be saved.
	PORT_DBDIR	- Where port options are saved.

[1] If you use the existing /usr/ports checkout of the system this will
not have to be changed, but you might find it useful to check out your
own copy of /usr/ports and work there.  That's when this will be needed.

Typically, to install ports in $HOME you'd invoke make with something
like this:

	$ cd ${HOME}/ports/irc/irssi
	    DISTDIR=${HOME}/distfiles \
	    PKG_DBDIR=${HOME}/pkgdb PORT_DBDIR=${HOME}/pkgdb/ports \
	    make install

I hope this helps to get you started.  If things don't work, either post
the errors you stumble upon or look at the comments in the
makefile (under ports/Mk) and see if there's some variable which you
have to set but I forgot to mention.

- Giorgos

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