Luke luked at
Wed Sep 15 18:37:28 PDT 2004

> Hello,
> I'm new in freebsd..and want to ask something.
> 1. Can freebsd handle more than 80 giga Harddisk?
>    (maybe I want to use 100-200 Giga HD for data)
> 2. If I plugin a new harddisk, can be outomatic detect or I use do manual
> configuration?
> Thank you,
> best Regards,
> Dave

I started using 160GB disks with version 5.2.1 and had no trouble at all. 
I even made a RAID array out of them.  Sysinstall was great.
I can't speak for the 4 series.  I believe it used a different filesystem, 
and I have no experience with it.

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