5.2.1 hangs solved and now find a way to split the ntfs hard drive.

Richard Lynch ceo at l-i-e.com
Wed Sep 15 15:10:22 PDT 2004

Choy Kho Yee wrote:
> On 2004/09/15, at 12:58, esmaeel pashapouri wrote:
>> Now as in subject line, have to figure a way to split
>> the hard drive which short sitedly by the hp was
>> patitioned in  1 big chunk and formated in ntfs
>> format.
>> According to freebsd docs I am out of lock for now,
>> unless to use comercial programs.
>> If any one know of any other way i'll be glad to hear
>> from them.
> I heard that some linux live-cds have the utility to resize NTFS
> partitions on them.
> I can't provide further information as I have never used them before.
> Perhaps you could check them out.

A quick Google yields these two:

I have used the first one.  It worked.  It was awesome.

One thing though:  BE PATIENT!!!

While it's trying to re-size the partition, it sits there for a LONG time
doing "nothing" at the end of the process, and your mouse and keyboard are

Do *NOT* re-boot.  *WAIT*.


It will *eventually* finish, and you'll be happy.  If you re-boot in the
middle of it re-partitioning, you will not be happy.

You'll want to defrag the drive under windows first.

You should be able to poke around in the Control Panel/Admin/System areas
and get a visual display of where Windows has all its files.

You want to see a big chunk of white space on the right hand side, with
NOTHING but white on the right.

Sometimes Windows put "hidden" "un-movable" files at the end of the disk. 
You have to go into DOS and change their attributes and get them moved by
defrag before you can re-partition.

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