cd stuck in cd drive after failed burn

marju ignatjeva marju at
Wed Sep 15 02:02:43 PDT 2004

offering a rude solution and _mostly_ asking for help on the same issue...

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Anthony Philipp wrote:
> After burning trying to burn a cd with too much information on it, it ended up with this error.
> only wrote -1 of 37632 bytes: Input/output error
> burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFLUSH): Input/output error
> But the cd was stuck in the drive, and would not respond when I pressed the eject button. I was just wondering if this was a common error or just a bug that since been fixed. Also if this happens again, is there a way to force a cd eject without rebooting? I am running FreeBSD-5.2-RELEASE. Thanks for the help.

I've had a similar experience with my no-brand ATAPI cd-r device (the
motherboard is i440LX which doesn't in fact recognize the drive as to its
BIOS; my FreeBSD 4.8-R is able to mount data cds and reads them OK); so
anyway, the burncd fixating process always fails to finish the cd (the
writing part is always fine),
does not respond and after receiving CTRL-C outputs the friendly
	 cd9660: /dev/acd0c: Input/output
or something similar to your
	burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCFLUSH)): Input/output error
AND the cd gets stuck, the drive doesn't respond.
Some kernel messages have always been issued, however I wasn't able to
find them in the log files known to me (where does the system log media
read/write errors and the like?).

My rough and rude solution to removing the stuck cd has usually been
1) try to mount the failed cd on purpose (results in
	cd9660: /dev/acd0c: Input/output error or
	cd9660: /dev/acd0c: Invalid argument )
2) then try to umount /cdrom on purpose (results in
	umount: /cdrom: not currently mounted)
after which i have usually been able to get in touch with the drive again
and remove the disk.
Sounds pretty (very) violent to me.

So on one hand, it has been possible to remove the now-useless disk
without rebooting (well, the very last time the system actually
_did_ crash along with a continous beep), but...

So whoever is trying to lend a helping hand, please share your opinions on
whether it might be the old and tired motherboard that has problems with
my cd-r drive (in my case) (enabling or disabling DMA has not changed
Or might some other solutions be looked for?
The mailing lists I have scanned through have not offered anything
relevant or helpful regarding this issue.

Lastly, I have tested the same drive with a different board which managed
to recognize the drive as to its BIOS, however, no burncd software was
available at that occasion.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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