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Joshua Lewis jmlewis at
Tue Sep 14 14:12:37 PDT 2004

I don't think I have set up Bind9 correctly and I was hoping someone could
point out any mistakes I may have made. I have tried to follow the
examples in the handbook. I even bought DNS and BIND from O'riley.

I don't really know how to troubleshoot a DNS issue yet. I know of the
tools I just don't understand them yet. I have a MS DNS server running
fine as my secondary and when I try to troubleshoot it I can't tell if I
am getting a response from my MS system or my FBSD system.

Ultimately I would like to make this bind system my primary. Once that is
done I have made arrangements for an off site system to act as my
secondary for redundancy and I can eliminate the MS system all together.

Should I post my config info here or is that just a real bad idea? I mean
anyone can get what they want from the internet I just don't know if
posting it here is like inviting someone to crack my system.

Also I currently only have one FreeBSD system. I am trying to run multiple
services on this one system Mail, DNS, WWW, SQL. It is a pretty beefy
system and will have no problem handling the load. I just want to hide the
hostname of the system when I can. I only have the one customer hitting
the system and it is a real small company. This system is overkill for
them so I am trying to utilize the system to the best of my ability. I
know in a perfect world I should have them each running on separate
systems however that is not feasible right now. I was thinking of getting
some old P1 systems and moving DNS over to that. Any other recommendations
are welcome.

Thank you,
Joshua Lewis

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