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Mon Sep 13 20:22:52 PDT 2004

"A W" <altonwong78 at> wrote:

> i've scanned through the hand book and i found something thta i really don't 
> understand, what is a loader.conf?

Issue the command "man loader.conf" for details.

> and loader(8)?

That syntax means see section 8 of the Unix manual for a description of
"loader".  This is most easily accomplished by using the man command like
man 8 loader

> im just all lost now and 
> when i type "xfree86........" or "kldload" it says command not found.

There is no such command "xfree86", but if your system can't find kldload,
something is wrong.

> and 
> also when i typed "/boot/" it says permission denied.

/boot is a directory.  If you just typed "/boot/" it would obviously give
you a permission error, since you're not allowed to access directories
in that fashon.

Try using "ls /boot" or "cd /boot" ... depending on what you're trying to
accomplish.  I would suggest finding a Unix beginners tutorial on the
web somewhere to help get you familiarized with those commands.  This one
looks decent:
There are lots of others, do a google search, then read through some of them
and try out the commands they try to teach you.

> did i do something 
> wrong?

For the most part, no.  You just have a bit to learn yet.  Although I can't
think of a good reason why the system wouldn't be able to find kldload.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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