NAT/DIVERT Issues in 5.2.1 Release

Denis Lemire dlemire at
Mon Sep 13 17:39:41 PDT 2004

I've downgraded back to 4.10 and my problems have disapeared. I'm not
sure what has changed in the 5 series to cause these issues. A few
observations I've made though:
netstat -rn gives you a bunch of kvm_read error messages. Also the
output of netstat -rn is completely corrupt (the netif, use, and
expire columns show numerical garbage. Also I've noticed that any
firewall rule (in IPFW) which uses an interface in the rule takes no
affect whatsoever, other rules work fine (hence why my divert rule
which matched the external interface didn't take any affect (confirmed
via the counters in ipfw show).

Not sure whats broken, I'll try again when the 5.x tree goes STABLE
and see if my results vary. Until then the 4.x series should meet my
needs. Thanks for the advice, especially the link to rewritten
firewall section of the handbook. I will look that over when I have
more time to spare.

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