Quick and simple ssh(1) question

Mark Ovens marko at freebsd.org
Mon Sep 13 15:59:32 PDT 2004

Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Mark Ovens wrote:
>> Is it correct that you can't ssh(1) between two machines on the same LAN 
>> (using NAT) _via the Internet?_
>> Strange question I know, but I need to be able to access one of my 
>> machines, postie, remotely. I've got sshd(8) running and can ssh(1) to 
>> it from a local machine using it's local hostname. However, since I only 
>> have a single 'net connection here I tried to test connecting remotely 
>> by ssh(1)'ing to my router's 'net-facing hostname but I get
>>   ssh: connect to host <router_hostname> port 22: Connection refused
>> Port 22 is forwarded to postie on the router.
> Given time and sufficient determination, you ought to be able to make this 
> work, but it's a real pain--

[snip detailed info]

I think that answers my question - it won't work the way I'm trying it. 
As I said, this was just an attempt to test connecting from outside; 
guess I'll have to wait until I get to work tomorrow and try it from 
there (which is where I really want to connect from), it's just that if 
it doesn't work I'll have to wait until I get home to change things - a 
bit of a pain.

Thanks for the answer.



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