Quick and simple ssh(1) question

Mark Ovens marko at freebsd.org
Mon Sep 13 14:12:47 PDT 2004

Is it correct that you can't ssh(1) between two machines on the same LAN 
(using NAT) _via the Internet?_

Strange question I know, but I need to be able to access one of my 
machines, postie, remotely. I've got sshd(8) running and can ssh(1) to 
it from a local machine using it's local hostname. However, since I only 
have a single 'net connection here I tried to test connecting remotely 
by ssh(1)'ing to my router's 'net-facing hostname but I get

   ssh: connect to host <router_hostname> port 22: Connection refused

Port 22 is forwarded to postie on the router.

It kind of make sense to me that this won't work but I'd like to confirm 
that this is the case and it's not my sshd(8) configuration that's wrong.




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