Sysadmin magazine benchmarkings

JJB Barbish3 at
Mon Sep 13 13:12:30 PDT 2004

owner-freebsd-questions at wrote:
> Hi!
> I read the article on sys admin magazine
> ( where
> benchmarked Linux, Windows, Solaris and FreeBSD regarding
> High-Performance Network Applications. This article is from 2001
> covers FreeBSD 4.2. Anyhow, FreeBSD ended last which feels quiet
> strange, is there anyone that has any new benchmarking data on how
> FreeBSD 5 compares ?
> / Stefan

This old artical has been covered in detail on this list when it
first came out. You should check the FBSD questions archives first
before you just post a question about something this old.

No need to rehash history.

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