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Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Sep 13 12:47:53 PDT 2004

Stefan Cars <stefan at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I read the article on sys admin magazine
> ( where they
> benchmarked Linux, Windows, Solaris and FreeBSD regarding High-Performance
> Network Applications. This article is from 2001 and covers FreeBSD 4.2.
> Anyhow, FreeBSD ended last which feels quiet strange, is there anyone that
> has any new benchmarking data on how FreeBSD 5 compares ?

I wouldn't place any validity, whatsoever, on those tests.

They claim that FreeBSD is 6x slower on disk writes than Linux and
Windows.  I say hogwash:

You can see that FreeBSD is only slightly slower than Linux in these
tests ... I find it hard to believe that a properly configured FreeBSD
system could ever be 6x slower than Linux.  I find it much easier to
believe that the people who ran the tests don't know how to set up

Do some searches and you'll find that this artical has been discussed
on this list ad-nausium ... since it's so obviously bogus or biased.
They don't even give details of the hardware or software setups used
to test, so it's possible that the HDD controller was not fully
supported by FreeBSD, or that the disks were mounted full-sync.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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