IPFILTER - Understanding log entries

Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR) jason.sheets at hp.com
Mon Sep 13 09:25:01 PDT 2004

If your log is too large I'd carefully evaluate which rules are logging.

>From the goole search: firewall log parsing I received the following
interesting results:

http://www.aetdata.com/tracer/firewalllogtutorial.html talks about
parsing firewall logs

http://www.dixongroup.net/hatchet/ is a tool for parsing OpenBSD PF

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> Greetings,
> I have a machine installed with Freebsd & IPFILTER.
> The machine is setup as a firewall.
> The log files generated are large.  First, is there a
> tutorial or tool that will process the log file and show
> what the threat is ?  (if there is one).
> Also, how do others handle the volume of entries in
> the log file ?
> thanks,
> Darryl
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