State of 5.3 on Sun Blade 100

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Mon Sep 13 08:38:36 PDT 2004

3BSD wrote:

>I have a couple of Sun Blade 100 workstations, and I would like to
>install FreeBSD on one or both of them. The last time I tried (5.1-R,
>and I read that the situation has not improved much with either 5.2 or
>5.2.1), there was no keyboard/mouse/floppy support and you had to
>install FreeBSD using a serial console. Has that (or will that) change
>I would like to use one of the Blade 100s as a dedicated workstation,
>and if 5.3-R works fine, I'll buy a nice LCD display for it.
>Anyone care to shed some light on this?

If you wait a little while longer and still see no reply to
this message, I'd recommend sending this question over
to freebsd-sparc at  You might want to
check their charter first, but I'm guessing that they'd
be open enough to consider your question "on topic"
for their list.

I regret that I no absolutely nothing about the state
of FBSD on the *SPARC architecture :-(

Kevin Kinsey

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