5.2.1/5.2current ed0: device timeout

Peter Much p_much at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 07:27:42 PDT 2004


is there anything in 5.2.1-RELEASE (but not in 5.2.1
install floppies) that could make the system dont see
the interrupts from a network card anymore?

- the card configures fine, but reports immediately
  "device timeout".
- in systat I can see that I see nothing: the system 
  has not got any interrupt from the card.
- I compiled the most actual version of the 5.2
  branch, and built a kernel without all unneeded 
  stuff (and disabled multiprocessor): same behaviour.

- The problem does NOT occur when booting the 5.2.1 
  install floppies: I installed thru that card!
- the card is some cheap ISA bus BNC.
- it is not a matter of mediaselect (not supported by
  the card anyway), also the card still works when 
  booting another version.

Next step I would do is compare the install kernel
config with the generic one. But maybe somebody here
has a more specific idea where to look.


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