Samba3 and FreeBSD. Does it work?

Michael Josefsson mj at
Mon Sep 13 07:09:10 PDT 2004

Hello. I have spent the better part of last week trying to get Samba3 
to work on my FreeBSD-server. Now I have 3.0.6 but the connectivity to 
Suse-clients is not OK.

The setup is a FBSD server with nfs-mounted homedirectories. I want to 
re-export these to Suse-clients via Samba and want to be able to use 
hard and softlinks in from the client.

Between Suse-server and Suse-client I can do this and between 
Suse-client and Solaris. But I find no way between BSD server and BSD 
client nor between BSD server and Suse-client.

The FBSD way of mounting to samba seems to be the mount_smbfs command 
and not samba's own smbmount. I get a "ln: Operation not supported" and 
I hope this is ONLY due to the client?

Is there any way to force compilation of smbmount from ports? It is not 
built per default and a "make bin/smbmount" errs with "no such file" 
for mntent.h asm/types.h and linux/smb_fs.h. Which is a bit odd as I 
imagined that the sources should be portable?

Is this - shudder - a lack in the server-samba-3.0.6 on this platform?

Any ideas om this? Or enlightenments...

Please reply to me directly as I am not subscribed to this list right 


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