problems with X11.

Kangaroo saigon_ca at
Mon Sep 13 06:00:28 PDT 2004

I have problems with setup xf86cfg . My hardware is
pci geforce 4 mx -440 -se - 64M ram
monitor envison hz: 30 -70 scan ; vert 50 -150 scan
I can't make it work! .
When I set up save and receive the message:
mouse .... successfully.
X.0 8 ... broken... .I can't remember exactly..

When I run startx ... It even tell mouse also failed...
X .0 .8 broken....

I have manually play around with HorizSync , and Vert..
It does not seem work either.

- I have second box.. which is openbsd with same monitor
and have S3 -trio 64V. which also have same version of
XFree86 - server....
I do same configuration as Freebsd 5.21. box.. It work for
What 's wrong with XFree86 on FreeBSD?
Anyone can give me a shout?

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