KVM Recommendations

Graham Bentley gbentley at uk2.net
Mon Sep 13 01:57:35 PDT 2004

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a 4 Port KVM (UK Supplier ) that will work with 
FreeBSD (and not too expensive :)

I have just recently racked my 4 boxes and have a Protec Bytelan VS4.

The main problem is moused / XMouse - annoyingly it works with Winblows 
but not my FreebSD box - keyboard is OK.

I have Googled about and tried various flags etc to no avail although
alot of posts suggests upgrading the KVM to something more modern ?

(Notice that some even specify the type of OS / mouse support)

I have one of those Wheel Mouse optical things with a certain company 
logo on it. It has a USB to PS/2 adapter and it says its PS/2 compatible.

I have also tried several other PS/2 mices :(

Any suggstions welcome :)


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