booting beta3 on A7N8X

freebsd at freebsd at
Sun Sep 12 09:23:09 PDT 2004

I missed the first part of this thread, but have you tried disabling
firewire in bios?


Lee Harr wrote:

> I tried the "Boot with ACPI disabled" choice from the bootloader, but
> that one hung during the boot also... I did not try disabling ACPI in
> the BIOS, but I will give that a try.
>>> Recently I found out that I can make the system boot
>>> 4.10-stable by disabling firewire in the kernel. Otherwise
>>> it freezes up while booting.
> Well... my thought was to set up a 2nd src directory and cvsup
> to RELENG_5_3 so I could build a 5.3 system and then create
> my own iso using a customized kernel without firewire. I just am
> not sure I can do all of that while running on a 4.10 system...

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