Soundcards on 6-current

Mikko Heiskanen mikko at
Sun Sep 12 00:00:54 PDT 2004

> On Saturday 11 September 2004 11:56 am, Lucas Holt wrote:
> > **** BEGIN RANT ****
> > Why is everyone running 6 current and expecting it to work?  They
> > just created that branch recently and I seriously doubt that its even
> > close to usable.  We could run 5-Current because it was pretty far
> > along.. 6 is "new".

Thanks people for the answers. Now about the rant; I only ran 5.x because
4.10 didn't undestand UFS2, and I was stuck to start again with 5.x.
Doing that with the only burned cd I had home, 5.1, I guessed I had to
do some cvsupping before getting things to work properly, and used the
standard-supfile for it to get anything to work at all. So there's my
reason. I remembered there shouldn't be any questions on latest devel version
on here, so I am sorry about that.


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