Soundcards on 6-current

Lucas Holt luke at
Sat Sep 11 11:56:47 PDT 2004

**** BEGIN RANT ****
Why is everyone running 6 current and expecting it to work?  They just 
created that branch recently and I seriously doubt that its even close 
to usable.  We could run 5-Current because it was pretty far along.. 6 
is "new".

Last time i looked at the handbook it said NOT to run CURRENT unless 
you are a developer/know what you are doing.  I think 5.3 beta is 
bleeding edge enough for everyone.

Based on recent posts, i've concluded that several video cards and 
possibly sound cards are currently broken in 6-Current plus maybe some 
NICs.    Translation:  Don't try this at home.

Another reason not to adopt 6 so early is that it encourages port 
maintainers to screw over people on stable versions.  I had to upgrade 
to 5 early because of broken ports.  Lets not go through that again.  I 
know technically that only the ports tree that comes with a release is 
officially supported, but then again everyone always recommends 
CVSUPing the ports on Questions.  Besides, who wants to run outdated 
and possibly insecure versions of software.

**** END RANT ****

On Sep 11, 2004, at 11:10 AM, Mikko Heiskanen wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there support on 6.0-current for soundcards?
> I put the usual device pcm on kernconf, but it says
> it don't know about that. I tried device sound, it compiles,
> but there don't come support. If it's not supposed to, sorry
> for this message.
> 		Thank you for your time,
> 		Mikko
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