something fishy with this network

Nagilum freebsd at
Fri Sep 10 13:40:57 PDT 2004

I have a really strange network problem and no idea what's the cause, 
maybe someone else can enlighten here it comes:
I have a FreeBSD5.3b3 gateway, this machine is NAT gateway, Webserver, 
DHCP and nameserver for the LAN, Mailserver, Samba, et al..
In my LAN I have a PC and a Powerbook, both configured via DHCP from the 
Everything works fine except I can't access certain hosts in the 
internet from the Powerbook or the gateway, the most famous being ( is another one). I can access other hosts 
without problems but from some I just don't get anything.
The really strange thing is that I can access them from the PC (via NAT) 
running Win2k, but not from the same machine running FreeBSD or Linux.
It also doesn't work from the Powerbook running MacOS-X 10.3.5, but I 
know it's not the browser or anything in the Powerbook because if it 
works if I plug the Powerbook directly into the modem. It doesn't even 
work on the gateway itself, so a proxy wouldn't help.
The name resolution works fine, I can traceroute to the hosts on the 
gateway and even ping them. It seems to me as if there is something 
blocking the responses, when I try it with lynx all I see is "HTTP 
request sent; waiting for response."  but doesn't that mean, that the 
TCP handshake was already successful?
Everything was working fine back with 5.2, so I'm pretty sure it's 
something with my gateway, but what? (No I don't remember any particular 
change that could cause that)
I don't see anything special in the logs and I don't think I blocked 
anything. I don't think it's the fault of the packet filter pf, since it 
does not work from the gateway itself either, but just in case, here is 
my pf.conf (but it really can't be it, since there is no os-specific 
filtering in it):
It's more likely to be something with my kernel so here is my kernel config:
If I knew what else it could be I would put it up there but it just 
doesn't fit...
This is quite a mystery to me so any hints would be helpful,
Thanks in advance,

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