A W altonwong78 at
Thu Sep 9 19:31:13 PDT 2004

Hi once again and very obviously i have ran into another problem. the 
Xfree86 i installed KDE window manager or w/e. So i reboot after i login and 
type startkde in the command prompt it gives me
xet : unable to open display
xsetroot : unable to open display
startkde : starting up...
startkde : Running kpersonlizer
kwin : cannot connect to X server
kpersonlizer : cannot connect to X server
and the last message keeps on repeating but i no longer can type any 
commands into it

then i tried Gnome and i typed "gnome-session" it gives me a message saying
(gnome-session:520) : Gtk-warning ** : cannot open display:

well what is certain is that my display is not working properly though i 
could be corrected. I have tried almost every option that associates with 
KDE and Gnome but i still can't tend to find what caused the problem. Please 
help me

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