Which Release to Download?

David Syphers dsyphers at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 9 14:22:39 PDT 2004

On Thursday 09 September 2004 01:57 pm, eric wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-09-09 at 13:22:15 -0700, David Syphers proclaimed...
> > I disagree. I think a completely new user should start with 5.x - there's
> > no reason to learn the details of how 4.x works, just to have significant
> > portions of that knowledge become obsolete in a month. I wouldn't use
> > 5.2.1 on a production machine, but it's perfectly fine for a desktop or
> > learning machine.
> Obsolete? You can't be serious; I don't forsee going to 5.x anytime
> in the next year or so.

Poor choice of words on my part. People are perfectly free to run FreeBSD 2.2, 
and some do. What I meant was, most new users are going to want 5.x, as 
things have advanced significantly from 4.x. For every person like you, who 
won't move to 5.x for at least a year after it's gone -stable (due to large 
numbers of local modifications, production stability concerns, or whatever), 
there's at least one person like me, who went to 5.x years ago even though 
I'm not a developer (did Cardbus support ever make it to 4.x?). I'm not 
recommending that new users go to -current (6.x), but I am saying the system 
administration skills they learn in 5.x will be useful to them much longer 
than those they would learn in 4.x.


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