error in new mail server

Julio Steffen Jr julio at
Thu Sep 9 13:48:23 PDT 2004


I trying to make a mail server with Sendmail, and after I call inetd, on my
screen appears this message:

inetd[100]: cannot execute /usr/local/libexec/popper: No such file or

Then, I create it into /usr/local/libexec and after that the message change

inetd[717]: cannot execute /usr/local/libexec/popper: Permission denied

I modify permissions to:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 1 Sep 9 14:13 popper

After I modify permissions the message change to:

inetd[799]: cannot execute /usr/local/libexec/popper: Exec format error


I using FreeBSD 5.0 and Sendmail 8.12.6

I modify this lines in inetd.conf:

# example entry for the optional pop3 server #

pop3 stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/libexec/popper popper


# example entry for the optional imap4 server #

imap4 stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/libexec/imapd imapd



Somebody can help me?

What`s happened?

What did I forget?




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