5.3-beta3 boot manger show stopper problem

fbsd_user fbsd_user at a1poweruser.com
Thu Sep 9 11:58:04 PDT 2004

   MS/Windows98 is first partition with 30% of 10 gig IDE hard
drive. This booted and worked as expected. Downloaded 5.3-beta3
miniinstall.iso using my Freebsd server box, ran md5 and verified
correct hash with checksum.md5 file. Burned to cdrom and installed
5.3 as second system on MS/Windows98 box with Freebsd default boot
manager. Freebsd install went fine. On first reboot tried to load
MS/Windows98. After F1 key win98 boot just hung there doing nothing.
Did pc reset and boot started again, this time selected F3 key for
5.3 boot which just hung there doing nothing.

Now hard drive is unusable. PC boot using MS/Windows98 floppy to get
to native DOS prompt and ran fdisk which shows win98 and freebsd
allocated as expected.
This also happened with 5.3-beta1 and had to DOS fdisk HD to single
partition and format c: before was able to reinstall win98 from
cdrom. fdisk /mbr did not help.

Just to test equipment I then installed 4.10 as second system with
default Freebsd boot manager and every thing worked as expected.

5.3 install from downloaded iso image has show stopper problem using
default boot manger.

Anybody reading this post from the 5.3 release build team have any
ideas on how to recover both systems on HD without blanking out HD
like before?

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