cleaner handling of mount point disappearance

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at
Thu Sep 9 10:52:28 PDT 2004

Hey guys,

Assume I have a USB hard drive attached to my machine.

Is there any way to make it so that, in the event the drive is mounted and 
disappears (i.e. is unplugged), the system doesn't vomit on itself (i.e. 
kernel panic?)

I can deal with the fact that data may not be written cleanly to the 
drive, and that the dirty bit will stay set, and I'm contemplating playing 
with automount as well, but it won't help the fact that assuming I cd 
/backupdrive, leave the system sitting there (i.e. no data writes), and 
unplug the drive without a umount, the system will go kerplooey.

Any ideas?

-Dan Mahoney


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