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--On Thursday, September 09, 2004 01:03:33 PM -0400 Bill Moran 
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>> Any hints would be welcomed.  What's the best way to troubleshoot this
>> problem?
> First, if you could isolate it to just snort or just MySQL.
> Typically, folks have this problem because they try to rotate log files
> without restarting the program that's logging to them.  The rotate program
> compresses the current log file into a new file, then deletes the original
> file ... but the program is still logging to it.  Thus the space fills up,
> but there is no file to see the space in.  Restarting the program doing
> the logging causes the old file to disappear, and a new log file to be
> created.
> On a guess, Snort would be the first thing I'd look at.  However, MySQL
> can create a TON of data if logging is enabled, so you may want to look
> closely at it as well.
Thanks, Bill.  That's really helpful.  I suspected it was snort, but I 
wasn't sure.  I'll shut down one process at a time and see when df "returns 
to normal".  I am using newsyslog.conf which *should* HUP processes when 
logs are turned over, but maybe I missed something.

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