HELP -- install FreeBSD 5.2 with Minimal Installation completed .....

Kangaroo saigon_ca at
Thu Sep 9 04:49:38 PDT 2004

Installation of freebsd5.2 with minimal installation (
fast install )complete . After reboot the machine for the
first time and bring os up, OS actually do not work. it
boot with all kind of funny characters and the screen keep
rolling forever.
my system is cyrix MII 686.-300MHZ. 30G MAXTOR -drive. It
was working with windows and FreeBSD4.6. After trying 5.2.
with using "DD"mode to install  unsuccessfully. I had
follow the advice to run dos fdisk and format (fat-32) the
drive; but now the drive seem only work with dos not
windows and other OS... The funny thing it always fail
during copying files to mount partittion...
failed on ffs_cluster ...for freebsd and for openbsd it
has problems with /mnt/usr during installation. With
windows 2000/xp it has problems after completely copy
files to harddrive and when system reboot it hung with
hardware errror or blah. blah...
My guessing it is must be wrong with bios on this drive..
but i dont know how... I have already lowlevel format the
drive successfully. .. I need help on this.. Is anyone has
any ideas how to fix it? I'm greatly appreciated.


Khai Dao 

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