PS/2 mouse problem via kvm switch

Li Wei Jea solarize at
Thu Sep 9 02:25:26 PDT 2004


I have problem with ps/2 scroll mouse when connecting via Nova View 
KNV102 kvm switch.   The mouse doesn't work.   It just moved to the 
top-right of the screen and stuck there.   It has no problem when 
connecting mouse directly with the pc, everything works fine.   My 
system is Compaq Evo d530, 1GB RAM, 160 GB IDE, ps/2 mouse and keyboard.

1. I tested on the FreeBSD 4.9, 4.10, and 5.2.1.   All of them have the 
same problem with the kvm.
2. I tested on Suse 9.1 (FTP install) and it had the same problem.   But 
when I test with Suse 9.0 Personal (CD install), there is no problem at all.

What should I do to solve the problem?   Thanks in advance.


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