BSD display

Nico Meijer nico.meijer at
Thu Sep 9 01:01:58 PDT 2004

Hi Steve,

> Nothing can stop a hacker who really wants your box, but most of the
> annoyances are script kiddies. Script kiddies when things get tough
> tend to move on to another system.  So whatever I can to not help
> script kiddies is to my advantage.  

This might be true, yes. They might not care and try every trick in 
their toolkit.

One of my 'problems' with this approach lies with the "move on to 
another system". So now they're hitting on *my* systems... ;-)

Someone, somewhere has to deal with these creatures and get them 
caught/slapped in the face/buttkicked. I report whenever I can, which is 
all I can do, I guess.

Plus (back to the original topic), if we both upgrade regularly, whose 
box is more secure? Yours or mine? :-)

Bye... Nico

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