Multiple IP addresses in a Jail

Tomaz Borstnar tomaz.borstnar at
Thu Sep 9 01:01:14 PDT 2004

At 19:08 8.9.2004, you wrote:
>On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 12:16:28PM -0400, Frederick N. Brier wrote:
> > I need to specify 2 IP addresses for the Jail, not one.  I had
> > heard there was a patch to do this and that it had been added to
> > FreeBSD 5.3.  Is this not the case?  Is there a patch?  Is there
> > another way to do this?  Thank you.
>There's this, not sure how current the patch it though..

I had to modify mijail5 patch in order to apply it properly to FreeBSD 
5.2.1. So I guess 5.3 might be even more work.

Anyone tried this patch with VRRP/CARP?


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