Trouble with NICs

Blake Meike blakem at
Wed Sep 8 20:20:48 PDT 2004

   I'm trying to switch to FreeBSD, from years of Linux.  I have a  5k 
with an Adaptec RAID card that has run Linux fine, in the past.  I'm 
still having some trouble getting it to run FreeBSD.  After having 
difficulty with a couple of 5.x kernels, and getting advice here to 
back off to 4.10, I've got most things working.  I'm booting a custom 
kernel, but the problem is the same with GENERIC.

   ... ant the problem is that neither of the two E'net interfaces (one 
on the motherboard, one a separate card) comes up.  I can get either, 
sometimes both, to come up if I fiddle around with ifconfig for a 
while, but I'm sorry to say that I don't have a reproducable sequence 
that always works: perhaps something to do with the "media" argument.  
I've tried fiddling with rc.config, trying to bring up one interface 
and not the other, include the media argument, and a couple things like 
that.  Basically, I'm floundering.

   At some point, looking through the various documentation I noticed 
that several of my IRQs overlap.  Looking at the kernel config file, 
though, I see that some devices specify an IRQ and some don't.  Booting 
/kernel -c tells me that there are no network devices of any kind, 
enabled or disabled, so I can't experiment with re-assigning IRQs, to 
find out if this whole thing is a red herring.

rc.config and dmesg enclosed, fwiw.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

   Blake Meike

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