sysinstall problem

David Syphers dsyphers at
Wed Sep 8 12:29:37 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 08 September 2004 12:05 pm, Gene Bomgardner wrote:
> Running 5.2.1. The package is found and downloaded before the error
> occurrs. In this particular case, it's fonts for XFree86, but the same
> occurrs for each package it tries to add. I wonder if I might be running up
> against permissions when pkg_add actually tries to add the package?

If you're running sysinstall as root, which is how you have to do it (it gives 
an error if you try to run it as a user), then it's not a permissions 
problem. What happens when you try pkg_add directly?

> >If you're installing, you can see more info by looking at the second
> >virtual
> >terminal (alt-F2).
> Unfoirtunately not installing.

There may be a way to turn it on post-install, but I couldn't figure it out. 
(Sysinstall, under 'options', has 'debugging' turned off by default in 
post-install. Turning it on didn't seem to change anything, however, even 
when I turned off getty on the alt-f2 ttyv.) There's a reason sysinstall is 
rarely or never used post-install...


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