VESA_800x600 (age old question)

Lewis Thompson lewiz at
Wed Sep 8 11:36:26 PDT 2004


This question has been rehashed many times, so I apologise.  I've got
VESA and SC_PIXEL_MODE in my kernel and I want to be able to do:
vidcontrol VESA_800x600.

  However, when I do this I receive the following message:

vidcontrol: cannot set videomode: Operation not supported by device

  The general answer to this seems to be make sure SC_PIXEL_MODE is in
your kernel.  It is.  This is an Intel 855GM/GME Montara (I use i810 for  I don't know if it means anything but in the Xorg.log file I am
told that a VESA BIOS is detected:

(II) I810(0): VESA BIOS detected

  Can somebody please tell me what this means?  Somebody seemed to think
that the error means that the card doesn't have a VESA BIOS but this
doesn't seem to be the case.  Is VESA_800x600 just not supported on the

  Thanks and apologies... this topic is getting boring now ;)


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