sysinstall problem

Karl Swartz karl at
Wed Sep 8 11:34:22 PDT 2004

> Do you already have 5.2 installed and are going back into sysinstall,
> or are you installing 5.2 and trying to add the package at the same
> time? Also, is this really 5.2 or is it 5.2.1?

I've experienced this same thing with 4.10.

> > 2) What debug screen? Where is it?
> If you're installing, you can see more info by looking at the second
> virtual terminal (alt-F2).

It works in that case, but if you're doing post-install additions that
doesn't work.  I've never figured out where the info goes in that case,
though I usually use pkg_add or other non-user-"friendly" techniques to
solve the problem.

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