Can't send to mailing list from server

Remko Lodder remko at
Wed Sep 8 10:02:36 PDT 2004

Gene Bomgardner wrote:
> 209.x.y.z is a static address with a DNS entry courtesy of my ISP.
> Any idea what the list's mta is looking for and how I can provide it?

Yes i have, i have the same issue, i have a static ip on my colocated 
machine, but there is no reverse dns lookup configured yet. When FreeBSD 
mailingservers cannot find a reversed lookup, it rejects your email 
until it can (the mail gets killed after your timeout trigger has been 

So please check whether your 209.?.?.? adres has a reversed lookup since 
that might be the problem :)


p.s i read that you have DNS entry courtesy of your ISP, still i think 
it's reverse issues.

> Thanks

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