Testimonial - Thanks to FreeBSD

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Wed Sep 8 06:39:46 PDT 2004


> Hi,
> starting on mainframe in the middle 80's,
> i met a dilemn in the later 90's : if you want a job,
> you must run on Microsoft.
> Well, i started a new learn of computing on this
> OS, "un-learning" all about i knew on computing,
> a very difficult task when you're coming from IBM...
> All my friends repeated to me :
> "you should work on Unix like system, you should .."
> 2 month's ago, i would like to setup my own server,
> at home, with web, ftp and mail services.
> I want him robust, efficient, safe and so one.
> i dreamed to get an old 3090 for 500$ !, but
> there's no place at home for him :o)
> Thus, i have started to install my first FreeBSD
> (on a very special computer) ... 2 weeks later,
> without any knowledge about Unix like systems,
> my httpd, ftpd ran (very ?!) well. This mean that
> your system is well designed and documented.
> Monitoring access, it's incredible to see that BSD
> is faster by 2 to 3 than other tested system.
> and i discovered that computing is absolutely what
> i learned on IBM ..
> Great thanks to the community, and your effort to
> document FreeBSD, even in French (we are so bad with
> others languages ..!), i hope to help the FreeBSD users
> by writing some drivers and other things,

Welcome to FreeBSD.
It is a good community and a good system.
Nothing is perfect, of course, but this community comes
as close as it can and keeps on working.



> K. Regards, take care,
> --
> Valery aka v/
> www.vslash.com - opened today.

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