new card, still can't get X11 working

Lucas Holt luke at
Wed Sep 8 06:25:02 PDT 2004

What does your xorg config look like for the video card?

Also, the 9200 radeon is on the border of supported and non supported 
cards.  Almost every card with a higher number is not supported for 3d 
acceleration.  I had a radeon 9000 card that worked perfect on 5.2.1 
freebsd, but my new AIW 9600 XT only supports 2d acceleration and only 
in Xorg.. plus i had to manually get the card's id for that to work.   
The problem lies in the fact that ati now has binary drivers for linux. 
   Most open source video card driver users run linux and so they don't 
"need" to write a driver when ati provides them with one.  Of course 
ati could always write a freebsd driver, but i won't hold my breath.

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