Vinum Concat Data Recovery

Thomas Spreng spreng at
Wed Sep 8 04:13:26 PDT 2004


I have made concat drive using 3 hard disks using vimum vm. Some weeks
ago one of those 3 disks crashed completely (bios can't even detect it
anymore). My question now is: is there any chance to recover the data
that resides on the 2 (working) remaining disks?

I cant provide more info than the config file since the disks are not in
my server anymore atm.



drive a device /dev/ad6s1e
drive b device /dev/ad4s1e
drive c device /dev/ad5s1e
volume storage
 plex org concat
   sd length 78528m drive a
   sd length 58643m drive b
   sd length 58643m drive c

PS: I've searched the archives but I didnt find a satisfactory answer.

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