Update Databases from Webserver

Richard Lynch ceo at l-i-e.com
Tue Sep 7 14:37:45 PDT 2004

FreeBSD Mail Lists wrote:
> Richard,
> Thanks for your reply.  I thought there was something terribly wrong with
> that logic.  So I thought I would ask in this mail list since people have
> been great here in the past about everything else I wanted to know.
> Are there any security lists in relation to ecommerce that you would
> recommend?  So I can stop annoying everyone else here.  I just don't want
> to make anymore mistakes than I have to starting down this road.

I don't really know of any good security list...

I'd sure be happy to HEAR of one, mind you.

To be honest, I suspect there isn't really a good security list, because
this is simply the kind of thing that so *FEW* people actually do, that
there isn't a critical mass of people doing it and needing help for a good
mailing list to exist.

Please don't take my "tone" as being annoyed.  I basically just wanted to
"scare" you into *NOT* doing what you plan to do.

It's incredibly dangerous, and carries an inordinate amount of risk.

If you absolutely *MUST* do this, hire a security expert to help you
design/program it.

It's just not a good idea to do what you said you wanted to do on your own
your first time.

If your boss/manage won't accept that, tell them you'll need all their
personal credit cards for testing purposes until you're SURE the system is
secure and safe from thieves.  They may change their tune at that point.

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