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> > Peter, Thanks for your response. In response to
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> >> You don't say why you'd want to do this. If you want to allow
> >> customers of an e-commerce site to avoid repeating their details
> >> whenever they want to buy, perhaps consider basing the payment
> >> backend around PayPal. The need for users to authenticate in order
> >> to make a payment hasn't brought e-Bay to its knees.
> >
> >
> > Pretty much the end result would be Amazon like with the customer
> > being able to choose a previously used card.  Is this possible
> > without storing credit card numbers or using paypal?
> >
> Well, yes, this is a convenience. But there's a very good reason why
> only find this at very big online retailers like Amazon: It's a
> All the replies you had that I've seen point this out one way or

Exactly right, I would look for a credit card processing company that
supports the functionality you are looking for and use their existing
functionality and let them absorb the liability if something horrible
were to happen.  You generally don't want to be the company or person
that is responsible for exposing financial information.

> Peter.
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